Lyrics to Heaven
by Jars of Clay

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[edit]Song titleHeaven
[edit]Artist nameJars of Clay
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Go undercover, we drop from the screens
We're hunters and lions, we are submarines
Under the surface, slip through the wires
Decipher the code words, disable the liars

And find, glowing on the inside
what's growing on the inside
Heaven's not that far
Glowing on the inside
Showing on the inside
Find more similar lyrics on's growing where we are

We shatter devices, exit the stage
We stop masquerading, to rattle the cage
We face every searchlight at places we hide
We dress up for Eden, the gates open wide

We are, we are, we are
We're hunters and lions
We go undercover, we cover, we cover
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Lyrics to Heaven
by Jars of Clay

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