Lyrics to Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows
by Jars of Clay

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[edit]Song titleRose Colored Stained Glass Windows
[edit]Artist nameJars of Clay
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Another sleepy Sunday, safe within the walls
Outside a dying world in desperation calls
But no-one hears the cries, or knows what they're about
The doors are locked within, or is it from, without...


Looking through rose colored stained glass windows
Never allowing the world to come in
Find more similar lyrics on no evil and feeling no pain
Making the light as it comes from within, so dim...

Out on the doorstep lay the masses in decay
Ignore them long enough, maybe they'll go away
When you think you have so much, you have so much to lose
You think you have no lack, but you're really destitute

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Lyrics to Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows
by Jars of Clay

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