Lyrics to Galaxy
by Jason Mraz

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[edit]Song titleGalaxy
[edit]Artist nameJason Mraz
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well here I am, I'm sitting alone again
I'm staring up at the sky
Which at this lonely moment is my only friend
And suddenly as I gazed upon the night

Well I notice the stars
They began to shake and dance and burst
And fall into the darkness
They exploded down, I knew what I had to do

I ran up to the top of the hill
And I took a hold for you
You were the sweetest star that fell
And yes, I held onto it close to the numbness in my heart

And then I kissed a star, yes I did
I wrapped it up inside of a golden bow
And then I ran away just to find you
'Cause this was your gift, your gift, oh shit

A star that I kissed
Oh the galaxy that lives inside your eyes
Was in need, I said it was in need
Of a, of a brand new shining light

I said I wished to the dark sky above
That all I had was to be captured
And willingly turned over to you
I know you better now and at this I smile

I simply gave to you the symbol of what you are to me
You are the star that shines
And explodes with light and I love and embrace
Love and embrace all that I can

You better take this blindness and stay away from me
And let me bask inside of your golden seam
I never knew such simple astronomy
I never knew it could come to me and not by the ways of the heart
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And call on me to be one of those strangely dressed wise men
Who follow the stars to their love
You are such a perfect star to wish upon
Well I love you and God and I'm hopeful

Of what this lonely night may lead me to
So I said god I'm hopeful
Of what this lonely, lonely night
Will lead me tonight

Oh well, well I'm hopeful that this lonely night
Well it shines so right, I'm hopeful
I'm hopeful of all good things to come about
I'm wishing upon you now, yeah, I'm wishing upon you now

Free me and let me indulge my view
Oh, most beautiful you keeper of starlight
Take on me, oh, oh, oh well here I am
I'm sitting all by myself again

I stare up at the sky
Which at this moment is my only friend
Say well, suddenly as I gazed upon the night
Well I notice the stars

They began to shake and burst
Oh, it looks like they want to fight, no
They were dancing, they were romancing
Oh, they were falling in love

They falling in love all over
Falling in love all over
Falling in love, falling in love, falling in love
I say falling in love, falling in love all over

Falling in love, is my best friend
Falling in love all over, all over again
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Lyrics to Galaxy
by Jason Mraz

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