Lyrics to Wishing Weed
by Jason Reeves

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[edit]Song titleWishing Weed
[edit]Artist nameJason Reeves
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I picked a wishing weed
Beneath your mother's tree
And I asked it to
Bring you back to me
Then a dragonfly took it to the sky
And it rode on the wind
Until it caught your eye

I'm never gonna get over you
Not 'cause I can't
'Cause I don't want to
Mmm, I'm gonna get you back
If it's the only thing I do
I'm never gonna get over you

I took the secret path
To where I saw you last
And a sparrow dropped
A letter to me as it passed
It was a simple sketch of a heart in red
And it broke me
Find more similar lyrics on I opened it
'Cause all it said was

I'm never gonna get over you
Not 'cause I can't
'Cause I don't want to
You know it's true
That I'm gonna get you back
If it's the only thing I do
I'm never gonna get over

Of all the lovers found
And lost and never seen again
You're the only one
That's worth repeating through my head

I'm never gonna get over you
Mmm, Not 'cause I can't
'Cause I don't want to
You know it's true
That I'm gonna get you back
If it's the only thing I do
I'm never gonna get over you
Oh, I'm never gonna get over you
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Lyrics to Wishing Weed
by Jason Reeves

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