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Frontin' by Jay-Z

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[edit]Song titleFrontin'
[edit]Artist nameJay-Z
[edit]FeaturingPharrell Williams
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1: Pharrell Williams
Dont' wanna sound full of myself or rude
But u aint looking at no other
dudes cause you love me
(I'm sorry but.. so sexy)
So you think about a chance
You find yourself trying to do my dance
Maybe cause you love me (Uh, you do it well)
So then we tried- I think you need to slow down
Because you weren't used to how fast we
touched (fast we touched)
Then we locked eyes and I knew I was in there
And I was gon' tear ya ass up (tear your ass up)

Chorus: Pharrell Williams
I know that I'm carrying on, never
mind if I'm showing off
I was just frontin (you know I want ya babe)
I'm ready to bet it all, unless
you don't care at all
But you know I want ya (you
should stop frontin babe)

Verse 2: Pharrell Williams
Trying to be the best girlfriend you could be
But still you sneak and look at
me, and girl I love it
Then you give your other girl a shove
Tell her you gon' calm her ass how it was
And she's gon love it (whoa-oh whoa, yeah yeah)
So then we tried think we should slow down
Because you weren't used to how fast we
touched (fast we touched)
Then we locked eyes- and I knew I was in there
And I was gon' tear ya ass up (tear ya ass up)


J: We got another one Pha-real Pharrell
Find more similar lyrics on Dance, ooooooh ooooh
J: I call you Pha-real cause you
the truth, haha, Young! Great Hov!
P: Whoa-oh, oh ohhhh
J: Uh, yeah
P: Dance, ooooooh ooooh
J: Lemme talk to em
P: Whoa- oh, oh ohhhh
J: I'm a keep it real

Verse 3: Jay-Z
Everytime your name was brought up
I would act all nonchalant in front of an audience
Like if you was just another
shortie I put the naughty on
But uh, truth be told you do for a loop this hole
I'm too old to be frontin when I'm feeling Denzel
And you acting like you ain't
appealing when you are
Stunting like you ain't my
only girl when you are (I was
just frontin)
I'm ready to stop when you are


Outro: Pharrell Williams
Come on o ho!
Dance, ooooooh ooooh
Whoa-oh, oh ohhhh
Dance, ooooooh ooooh
Whoa-oh, oh ohhhh

You like dis for real
Thank u baby
I'm leavin now
I'll c u later
I'm'a sneak thru your window...
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Frontin' by Jay-Z

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