Lyrics to Colors
by Jay Electronica

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[edit]Song titleColors
[edit]Artist nameJay Electronica
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Don't get it confused
This message is for solo artists but I get at crews
We can make the news
I'll be on the low sippin daquiris in baton rogue
Or killing rock the bells with nas in pasanews
It's a small task for jay man
Wack niggas be dead and I be laughin
Sippin out my flask chillin in my ray bans
Imaginary crime boss
With albums full and look at my watch at how much my shine cost,
It's time lost
Who shot ya, the black bach blastin over opera
Phantom of the chakras
Jay doppla went from panhandling socks in box
To popular
This is just the start of it,
The kid intend to split more wigs than british parliament
Find more similar lyrics on me on the global warmin tour with jigga and al gore
Performin dear summer, where autumn went
Eternal sunshine
Drum major without a drumlime
I'll be in the D screamin kick rocks to one time
When they say license and registration
I'm yellin reparations
Quote em from revelations
Then I peel off in they faces
Young black and arrogant with no id
The most extravagant
They should build me a statue on grambling campus
With a manuscript, that say he got at the best of them
Shot at the rest of them
Ain't no contesting em
Green says a lot niggas talkin shit but we ain't stressin em
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Lyrics to Colors
by Jay Electronica

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