Lyrics to Do You Know
by Jay Rock

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[edit]Song titleDo You Know
[edit]Artist nameJay Rock
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Do you know where are you going to
Do you like all the things in life ? someone new
Do you know where are you going to Do you love all the things that life has put you through
All my life in the ghetto conditions uncountable
Watching TV I wish I was a hostile Like ? I was just ? a dream my daddy was ? In a room rollin up a weed
Project ? every night no sleep
That was back then
Only had the balls ? high on pities ?
? all I know is money all I know is violence
Life is a plan and you just ? You crashing you burn if you ?
If you talk too much then you lay on the streets ? that you speak
I've seen it too many times talk is cheap listen


Jay rock is the name ? blocks ?
Find more similar lyrics on crack bottles got ? to feel Weed to smoke kids to feed
All we know is money sex and weed
My ? right I was doin it wrong
Stress on my brain ? petrol ? some pussy almost every day
? put some food on my plate
I know it sounds hard
But somebody gotta do it
Fake niggers claim they are real
But I am the truest
? on that grave on
Watching my days go
? real nigger loves me
I stay connected as they go

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Lyrics to Do You Know
by Jay Rock

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