Lyrics to Redemption
by Jazmine Sullivan

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[edit]Song titleRedemption
[edit]Artist nameJazmine Sullivan
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1
I met him at the state store he was trying to holla
I ain't care he was old enough to be my father
I knew his wife I went to school with his daughter
He was the boss that I knew went harder
Gave me my first taste but I had to take it farther
I mean I had to go harder

I started calling up his crib just to hit him
And I ain't even care I ask his wife if she was with him
Came home late and he got into a fight,
And he called me that night
He said he never want to see me on the block
I said I don't need you but I need that rock

I couldn't take it so I had to go see him
Stole my mama car and drove around all evening
And when I found him I thought that he would lace me
I ain't got no money but you know I'll let you taste me
He pulled his gun out and told me I was stupid
I started crying prayed to God he wouldn't do it

Oh please, Lord I plead, just save me (if you're really there)
Here's a sinner's prayer
This is my redemption song

Verse 2
I met this chick in Philly who said she like to sing
I ain't mean it but I said that it was good she had a dream
My daddy used to beat my mama
Saw it everyday
So when I got wit' her, I did the same thang
He always used to say you gotta keep a bitch tamed
So I never let her sing

Find more similar lyrics on every chance I got I told her if she ever left me
I'd kill her that's is how I made her respect me
Forget me, never, made her believe it don't get no better

I told her it was crazy out there
She said she don't care but she can't stay here

The last time I hit her she went into the kitchen
I ain't pay her no mind or even know that she was missing
She came out bleeding with her eyes all blacked
I looked and saw she had something behind her back
She pulled the gun out and told me I was stupid
Dropped to my knees and prayed to God she wouldn't do it

Oh please, Lord I plead, just save me (if you're really there)
Here's a sinner's prayer
This is my redemption song

I really need to know if you are there
If you could just, just heal a sinner's prayer
You could remake me
Oh just save me
I promise if you get me through this I'll change
I need to be set free

Oh please, Lord I plead, just save me (if you're really there)
Here's a sinner's prayer
This is my redemption song

Forgive me Father, I know I've done wrong but I have nowhere else to turn
So hear me
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Lyrics to Redemption
by Jazmine Sullivan

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