Lyrics to Are you Certain
by Jean Shepard

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[edit]Song titleAre you Certain
[edit]Artist nameJean Shepard
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Are you certain when you say you care do you love
me with some love to spare I'm gonna ease right
out of the one side of love affair So be certain
when you say you care Are you certain will your
lips be true do you need me just as I need you
Don't wanna lose my heart and wind up all alone
Find more similar lyrics on blue So be certain that your lips are true Are
you certain you see only me there's no other none
a love can be Say I'm the only one or I freeze and
stay clear and free So be certain you see only me
so be certain you see only me
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Lyrics to Are you Certain
by Jean Shepard

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