Lyrics to Big Midnight Special
by Jean Shepard

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[edit]Song titleBig Midnight Special
[edit]Artist nameJean Shepard
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Big midnight special shine your light on me
Big midnight special shine your everlovin' light on me

Woke up this morning heard the
whistle blow the jailor said come boy
it's time to go
Big midnight special...

I've never had the blues so in my
life before till my baby left me at
the station door
Big midnight special...
They put him in a pullman guards around his door
Said you off to Atlanta to serve ten years more
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He looked all around him in the pullman car
Saw the men wearin' clothe hats smoking big cigars
Big midnight special...
Took him off in Atlanta at the end of the line
Said you start servin' time boy for your awful crime
Big midnight special...

That whistle makes me lonesome of the midnight train
But he knows I'm waitin' till he brings him home again
Big midnight special...
Shine your light on me
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Lyrics to Big Midnight Special
by Jean Shepard

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