Lyrics to Two Whoops and a Holler
by Jean Shepard

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[edit]Song titleTwo Whoops and a Holler
[edit]Artist nameJean Shepard
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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How come a man can fight and cuss and smoke and drink and chew
Step out on their wives and do the things they shouldn't do?
But it's all right in the publics' eye, they say he's just a man

But if a woman does one little thing, she's not worth a
Two whoops and a holler, she's lower than a hound
If she drinks or smokes or tells a joke, she's a lowest thing in town

A woman has to dress the kids and send them off to school
And do her best in every way to live the golden rule
The responsibility she has is much more than a man

Find more similar lyrics on if she does one little thing, she's not worth a
Two whoops and a holler, she's lower than a hound
If she drinks or smokes or tells a joke she's a lowest thing in town

If all the gals would stick by me, we'd change the world around
We'd make the men walk on their knees and sleep out on the ground
What I'm really tryin' to say and I know you'll understand

The women ought to rule the world 'cause the men ain't worth a
Two whoops and a holler, they're lower than a hound
I hope they croak, it ain't no joke, they're the lowest thing in town
They're the lowest thing in town
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Lyrics to Two Whoops and a Holler
by Jean Shepard

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