Lyrics to Would you be Satisfied
by Jean Shepard

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[edit]Song titleWould you be Satisfied
[edit]Artist nameJean Shepard
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm just someone who's all alone in a cold and
empty home You're far away and yet you're still
here by my side You're dreaming now of bygone
years of honky tonks and bars and beers If you
were free and could go back there would you be
satisfied Cause on the day we were wed you woved
to face the road ahead But now you're living in
the past that should have died Now if your life
you could renew do the things you used to do But
didn't have my love to turn to would you be
satisfied steel
Find more similar lyrics on evening when the sun goes down you yearn to
go out on the town I can see it in the gaze you
try to hide Those honky tonking memories are
haunting you constantly My deary fate should steal
you from me would you be satisfied You know that I
have never asked about your dark and sinful past
I've always loved you and I stayed right by your
side But now if fate should take your hand and
lead you down that road again To all those honky
tonks you danced in would you be satisfied
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Lyrics to Would you be Satisfied
by Jean Shepard

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