Lyrics to Ice age
by Jefferson Airplane

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[edit]Song titleIce age
[edit]Artist nameJefferson Airplane
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well, I heard the news just the other day
Now I feel there's something I must say
Well, the darkness comes too often
This time, next year, I'll build my coffin

Made out of lead so X-Rays cannot see
We gotta be free
Political men they burn their lives out talkin'
We people of the Earth just keep on walkin'

Well, we don't know what to say
Only live our lives as slaves
Find more similar lyrics on we can do is race on to the grave
Well, we gotta get away

Well, they're much too old
To care about the future
They're sewing up the past
With shining sutures

It's immortality they crave
Their days are done so now they're brave
Their lives will live in books for fools and slaves
We gotta get away
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Lyrics to Ice age
by Jefferson Airplane

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