Lyrics to Rose Goes to Yale
by Jefferson Starship

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[edit]Song titleRose Goes to Yale
[edit]Artist nameJefferson Starship
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Unused lyrics from lyric sheet:
...And there in the dawn of
the nuclear twilight
In the heart of the glowing city
She stood
Pen in hand

Go and find Rose and ask
her 'bout order
Go and find Rose and
ask her 'bout Yale
There is no more Yale (yaaaaaa!)
There is no more order (yaaaaaay!)

I was out on the river
And in the darkness before me
In the light of the domed city
I saw Rose Lightning Rose
She wasn't perfect
But she was semi-perfect
And she remembered all
about her days in Yale
Before they turned it into a sheet
Of radio-active glass
Thirty miles across

And I always used to
want to think if we
could sing
Loudly enough
If we could sing strong enough
And if we could sing
Hopefully enough
Then all of this madness
would disappear
And if we could sing
Long enough
If we could sing strong enough
And if we could sing true enough
It might carry us through next year


Go and find Rose and
ask about nuclear
Go and find Rose and ask
her "What
She'll tell you 'bout future
She'll tell you 'bout how to
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When the time comes...seize it
When the dream
starts....believe in
When the light
shines...oh, bathe in

And now we'll have to be
Strong enough
Have to work long enough
And if we believe
True enough
Then much of this
madness'll disappear

I'll be the one
She said
I'll be the only one
In the aftermath of atomic fire
I'll carry us through next year


Unused lyrics from lyric sheet:
What if the world was turned around
What if nuclear plants worked
What if nuclear bombs didn't
What if they held nuclear disarmament
Talks in Antarctica
instead of Switzerland
(In igloos, not fancy
hotels!) They'd be
Over and done
In six hours, and be
on their way home
Imagine, the light
And imagined that Rose
was here tonight
And there in her eyes
Was a reason to live
A reason to fight
A reason to die
It scared elevated me
I would do things for her
That I wouldn't do for my mother
My country
My lover
Tis of thee
I sing
Sweet girl of liberty
Sweet bird of freedom
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Lyrics to Rose Goes to Yale
by Jefferson Starship

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