Lyrics to Long is the way
by Jehro

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[edit]Song titleLong is the way
[edit]Artist nameJehro
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oh Lord I made it through
I'm gonna lay down my load
One more mile or two
Can't escape from my fate, no

Long is the way, Long is the way
Long is the way, Long is the way

All clad in silk and gold
I have seen kings and their queens
With just one single golden thread
I could have woven dreams

I've dug for gold it's true
And those kings granted loans
But I'm still empty-handed
Now I'm heading home

au Refrain

Set sail long ago
Find more similar lyrics on to fortune and fame
And the woman that I will face
Shoulders bent in shame
Almost hope that she broke
Solemn promise she made to me
Save her hand for a rich mann
In vain, in vain, for me

au Refrain

There's a car coming this way
It's the first in a line
With a sense of foreboding
I try to see inside

My eyes meet through the bridal veil
Those that I left behind
Both our hearts have stopped beating
Two promises have died

au Refrain
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Lyrics to Long is the way
by Jehro

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