Lyrics to All I have
by Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo)

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[edit]Song titleAll I have
[edit]Artist nameJennifer Lopez (J-Lo)
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Love is life and life is livin'
It's very special
All my love...

(Baby, don't go)
(Baby, don't go) Yeah
(Baby, don't go, uh)
(Baby, don't go) Yeah
(Baby, don't go)
(Baby, don't go) Yeah, yeah
(Why you act like that)

It's such a shame, but I'm leavin'
Can't take the way you mistreated me
And it's crazy, but oh, baby
It don't matter, whatever, don't phase me

Uh, uh, uh
I don't believe you wanna leave like this
I don't believe I just had my last real kiss
I do believe we'll laugh and reminisce
Wait a minute, don't bounce, baby, let's talk about this, man

Well, I'm bouncin' and I'm out, son
I gotta leave you alone

'Cause I'm good holdin' my spot
And I'm good reppin' the girls on the block
And I'm good, I got this thing on lock
So without me you'll be fine, right

All my pride is all I have
(Pride is what you had, baby girl, I'm what you have)
You'll be needin' me, but too bad
(Be easy, don't make decisions when you mad)
The path you chose to run alone
(I know you're independent, you can make it on your own)
Here with me you had a home, oh, yeah
(But time is of the essence, why spend it alone, huh)

The nights I waited up for you (Oh, boy)
Promises you made about comin' through
Find more similar lyrics on much time you wasted
That's why I had to replace you

Uh, uh, uh
It makes a cat nervous, the thought of settlin' down
Especially me, I was creepin' all over town
I thought my tender touch could lock you down
I knew I had you, as cocky as it sounds
That's the way you used to giggle right before I put it down
It's better when you angry, come here, I'll prove it now, come here

Stop playin, you gamin'
I gotta leave you alone

'Cause I'm good holdin' my spot (Stop actin' like that)
And I'm good reppin' the girls on the block (Now you
know you need to stop)
And I'm good, I got this thing on lock
So without me you'll be fine, right (Here we go)

au Refrain

People make mistakes to make up, to break
To wake up cold and lonely, chill, baby, you know me
You love me, I'm like your homey
Instead of beef you come hold me
I promise I'm not a phony
Don't bounce, baby, console me, come here

Ain't nothin' you can say to me that can change my mind
I gotta let you go now
And nothin' will ever be the same, so just be on your way
Go 'head and do your thing now
And there's no more to explain to me, you no
I know your game and I'm feelin' what you do

So I'm bouncin' and I'm out, son
I gotta leave you alone, yeah, yeah

au Refrain, x2

I promise you
You know what I'm sayin'
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Lyrics to All I have
by Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo)

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