Lyrics to Enough (Country Remix)
by Jennifer Lopez

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[edit]Song titleEnough (Country Remix)
[edit]Artist nameJennifer Lopez
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Jennifer never released it...

feat. Nelly

Chorus- Jennifer Lopez (2x)
I've had enough
I'm tired of you treating me so rough
Not coming home and then tryna play tough

(Jennifer Lopez)
What was I to do
Though I had enough I still loved you
Even when you played tough, you still was my boo
When I told you we needed to break up, you refused
Sometimes I felt used
Cause I fell into ya trap when
you begged at my shoes
I remember you going to jail
cause I was being abused
Either stay or get bailed, wonder
which one did you choose

Chorus (2x)

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From you saying damn me, To me
hardballin' like Sammy

And winning all these Grammy's, All I
wanna do is start a family
Theres no need to worry
So stop saying you'll do all thats neccessary
To get me locked up in the penitentiary
Its Nelly and J-Lo's time to bill
I'm like Samuel L. in a time to kill
Buy that Vokal fo'sho, and cop that NellyVille

Chorus (once)

(Jennifer Lopez)
From you coming home late, to you
saying our love can wait
And making all these tour dates
Our relationship would only lead to fate
My friends keep telling me to
find another date,cause

Chorus (2x)
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Lyrics to Enough (Country Remix)
by Jennifer Lopez

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