Lyrics to No me Ames (English Version "You Don't Love Me")
by Jennifer Lopez

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[edit]Song titleNo me Ames (English Version "You Don't Love Me")
[edit]Artist nameJennifer Lopez
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
[edit]Brief notesNo me Ames Spanish version / Versiòn española
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Tell me why you're crying...
Of happiness.
And why are you drowning?
for loneliness
Tell me why you take my hands so strongly,
and let your thoughts carry you away

I love you so much
And why is that?
Crazy stubborn person, stop doubting it any longer
Even though in the future there will be a huge wall
I'm not afraid, I want to fall in love

Don't love me, because you think that
I may appear different
You don't think its right
For us to see time go by together?
don't love me, I understand
the lie that it would be
If your love, I don't deserve, don't love me,
just stay another day

Don't love me, because I am lost,
Because I changed the world, Because its destiny
Because it can't be, We both are like a mirror,
And you would be my own reflection
don't love me, you would be dying
Within a war full of regrets, don't love me to be on this
Find more similar lyrics on, I would like to throw your enormous
love for the blue of the sky.


I don't know what to say to you, that's the truth
When people want to, they know how to hurt
You and I will depart, they would not move,
But in this sky don't leave me alone

Don't leave me, don't leave me, don't listen to me
If I say to you "dont love me"
don't let me. Do not disable
my heart with that "Dont love me"
don't love me, I'm begging you,
leave me with my bitterness
You know well, that I can't, that its useless,
That I will always love you

Don't love me, because I would make
you suffer with this heart of mine
that was filled with a thousand winters.
don't love me, so that way you can forget of your gray days.
I want you to love me, just to love me
don't love me, you and I will fly,
With with the other, and we will always be together
This love is like the sun that comes out after the storm
Like 2 comets on the same path
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Lyrics to No me Ames (English Version "You Don't Love Me")
by Jennifer Lopez

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