Lyrics to Teenage Love Affair
by Jeremy Spencer

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[edit]Song titleTeenage Love Affair
[edit]Artist nameJeremy Spencer
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm feelin' so mixed up, sad and lonesome too,
'cause since that day you left me - girl, I don't
know what to do. I cry each night, I long to hold
you tight, I guess that's just a part of a teenage
love affair. It has been so long - since I last
saw your face I feel so lost inside - and I just
can't think straight My teacher thinks I'm a fool
- so I'm working after school, I guess that's just
Find more similar lyrics on part of a teenage love affair. My folks just
look 'n' - laugh at me. My friends and I - we just
don't agree. I've got to see a doctor - to see
what he can do 'cause since that day you left me -
I don't what to do It's unfair - no one seems to
care, I guess that's just a part of a teen age
love affair.
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Lyrics to Teenage Love Affair
by Jeremy Spencer

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