Lyrics to Broken Toys
by Jerry Jeff Walker

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[edit]Song titleBroken Toys
[edit]Artist nameJerry Jeff Walker
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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There's not much to say for what was mine today
But when tomorrow comes, I'll make my way
Had planned to build a dream or two today
But everything I tried turned out mistakes
Won't stay down long, tomorrow is my day

Casting nets catch dreams; try for what seems to be
Bend that willow round and shape things as I see
Finding that some cards are drifting in the sea
And no matter how I play them, they'll trick me
Find more similar lyrics on was his day, tomorrow I'll be free

Today played unfair; left me hung up, nowhere
And though it tries to break me I don't care
Tried to bring my ship in tow to land somewhere
Today is just another chance that's left me there
Broken toys today, tomorrow's my repair

There's not much to say for what was mine today
Won't stay down long, tomorrow is my day
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Lyrics to Broken Toys
by Jerry Jeff Walker

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