Lyrics to Charlie Dunn
by Jerry Jeff Walker

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[edit]Song titleCharlie Dunn
[edit]Artist nameJerry Jeff Walker
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well, if you're ever in Austin, Texas
A little run down on your sole
I'm gonna tell you the name of a man to see
I'm gonna tell you right where to go
He's working in Capitol Saddlery
And he's sewing in the back of the place
He's old Charlie Dunn, the little frail one
with the smilin' leathery face

Charlie Dunn, he's the one to see
Charlie done the boots that are on my feet
It makes Charlie real pleased to
see me walkin' with ease
Charlie Dunn, he's the one to see

Charlie's been make boots over there
He says, about fifty some-odd years
And once you wear a pair of his hand-made boots
you know you'll never wear a store-bought pair
Charlie can tell what's wrong with your feet
Just by feeling them with his hand
And he can take a look at the boots you wear
And know a whole lot about you, man
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Now, ol' Buck's up front, he's countin' his gold
Charlie's in the back patchin' up the soles
of the people comin' in, smilin' at him
They all wonder how's ol' Charlie been
And ol' Buck's makin' change, he never sees no one
He never understood the good thing that Charlie done

Yeah, ol' Charlie never had his name on the sign
He never put a mark in his boots
He just hopes that you can remember him
The same way that he does you
He keeps your measurements in this little book
So you can order more boots later on
Well I'm writin' down some of Ol' Charlie's size
'Cause I'm makin' him up this song


Yeah, ol' Buck's makin' change, he never sees no one
And He never understood the good thing that Charlie done
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Lyrics to Charlie Dunn
by Jerry Jeff Walker

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