Lyrics to Help me now
by Jerry Jeff Walker

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[edit]Song titleHelp me now
[edit]Artist nameJerry Jeff Walker
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hear me now and use your love to listen well
'Cause I'm, I'm trying to tell you why I know
It's time for me to go

Drifted into the city to sing my songs of the gypsy life
Be free, be kind, strong, I sang at walls and you came down
To hold my head, when the concrete beat me down
And we rested high in a nest in the wall, forgetting it all

So help me now, I do believe I am sinkin' down
Yes, I'm, I'm back on the ground and I've found
I'm bound to travel on

You've only asked me to let you know whenever I had to go
I'm trying to let you know I'll soon be gone, I want it clear
And my thoughts in here, so, you'll know you're not to blame
Find more similar lyrics on cats upstairs who handle my songs, how they string me along

Lovin' someone, is to love someone, forever is the moment you're in
A woman's a world, a man can rest inside
It's a love that's sown with dreams that the city keeps tearin' on down
And can't you see what you are lovin' in me, is my will to be free

So help me now to understand
I'm a free born man and I do, I do love you so
But now, I know, it's time for me to go

Got to go right now, baby, got to go
Got to go, got to go right now, baby
Got things back there, a minute ago
Go, got to go, got to go, got to go right now, baby
I'm gone, got to go baby, I'm gone, gone
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Lyrics to Help me now
by Jerry Jeff Walker

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