Lyrics to Big Blon' Baby
by Jerry Lee Lewis

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[edit]Song titleBig Blon' Baby
[edit]Artist nameJerry Lee Lewis
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Wailin' on the corner like an ol' tomcat shoutin'
and a shakin' almost off my bat Who walks by me oh
my jumpin' jeshosaphat big blon' baby Yesterday
she kissed me she was so divine Fell right down
and begged her to be mine all mine Held her tight
ooh good night jumpin' jeshosaphat big blon' baby
Big blon' baby ooh glory to be here I go again big
blon' baby Yeah Lord I love you so I love her love
Find more similar lyrics on so I shiver and I quiver when she kisses me
Lord she gonna set ol' Jerry Lee free Held her
tight ooh good night jumpin' jeshosaphat big blon'
baby piano
Yeah big blon' baby ooh glory to be here... Big
Blon' Baby I love you honey squeeze you with all
my might yeah up tight Whoa fade out gotta do grrr
hang it in give it to me let it all hang out
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Lyrics to Big Blon' Baby
by Jerry Lee Lewis

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