Lyrics to Honey Don”T
by Jerry Lee Lewis

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[edit]Song titleHoney Don”T
[edit]Artist nameJerry Lee Lewis
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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you say you will when you won't, say you do, baby,
when you don't? Let me know honey how you feel
tell the truth now, is love real? But ah ah well
honey don't, well honey don't, honey don't, honey
don't, honey don't I say you will when you won't,
ah ah, honey, don't. Well I love you, baby, and
you ought to know I like the way you wear your
clothes, everything about you is so doggone sweet,
you got that sand all over your feet. But ah ah
Find more similar lyrics on honey don't, honey don't, honey don't, honey
don't, honey don't I say you will when you won't,
ah ah, honey, don't. (Ah, rock on George, one time
for me.) (I feel fine.) Well sometimes I love you
on a Saturday night, Sunday morning you don't look
right. You've been out painting the town, ah ah
baby, been stepping around. But ah ah well honey
don't, I said honey don't, honey don't, honey
don't, honey don't I say you will when you won't,
ah ah, honey, don't.
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Lyrics to Honey Don”T
by Jerry Lee Lewis

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