Lyrics to Becoming
by Jewel

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[edit]Song titleBecoming
[edit]Artist nameJewel
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Listen, heart
Listen close-listen
2 the melancholy
Melody of your own voice
I am weary of my own dreaming
I am tired of waiting
So this time, I'm leaping


I reach-beyond myself 2 see
What I find, beyond my
mind, there is no time
In this place beyond my sight
My heart knows what is not yet seen
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Lash myself 2 the
Mantle of my desire-I will
Turn from its temptations
But the wanting takes me higher

I am hurting
Oh, I am not yet born
I am the mother and the father
Of what is not yet known
Darkness surrounds me
I scratch, I struggle, I breathe

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Lyrics to Becoming
by Jewel

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