Lyrics to Down at the Bridge
by Jewel

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[edit]Song titleDown at the Bridge
[edit]Artist nameJewel
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I went down to the (?????)
Didn't really know what I was going for
Must have been a stroke of destiny
That's a break (into me)??
We met in the frozen food section
It was Mrs. Swanson love connection

Down at the bridge. Down down down at the bridge
Down at the bridge. Down down down at the bridge

You can really tell a lot about a man
By if he likes his peaches to eat fresh or canned
Does he like Tide or prefer Wisk
I've never go to know a guy as good as this
You ????????????????????????
It was love at first sigh, there was no denying

Find more similar lyrics on at the bridge. Down down down at the bridge
Down at the bridge. Down down down at the bridge

It's not real fast, but it goes real far
Like what I say, wouldn't have it any other way way way
I walk slowly towards you down the aisle
I got this future flash and it made me smile
I knew right then I had better leave
or forever hold my peace
Put your grocery bag inside my cart
And I knew I'd never get ya out of my heart

Down at the bridge. Down down down at the bridge
Down at the bridge. Down down down at the bridge

Transcribed by Adam Longfellow
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Lyrics to Down at the Bridge
by Jewel

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