Lyrics to Quiet Warrior
by Jewel

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[edit]Song titleQuiet Warrior
[edit]Artist nameJewel
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Standing in a circle the wolves have come
But they won't bother her, no
'Cause dancing with her hands of
leaves she'll sing for them
And ease their hungerin'
She's a quiet warrior.

Standing at the ocean's stoney shores
The waves all worship her
She stands in trust and lets the night swallow her
Because she knows that she's a piece of the sun
And a quiet warrior.

You ask her where from the wind blows
She'll say it's how the sky sings
And you ask her how does the sun rise
She'll say 'cause you desire it to be seen
And you ask her how does she make your heart fly
And she'll tell you, you know why
She's your quiet warrior.

Ravens they rest on his golden crown
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He smiles and it feels like you've known him
Yes it feels like coming home
He's a quiet warrior.

And roaring silently he's a lion
And he'll hunt for you
His eyes are warm because his
hands they are made of light
And they seduce your soul
He's a quiet warrior.

You ask him where from the wind blows
He says that the earth breathes
And you ask him how does the sun rise
He'll say that she's got wings
And you ask him how does he make your heart fly
And he'll tell you, you know why
He's your quiet warrior.

Transcribed by Dan Stark
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Lyrics to Quiet Warrior
by Jewel

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