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Jimmy Cross biography

Jimmy Cross was an American radio producer and singer who attained a minor hit with the novelty song, "I Want My Baby Back" in 1965.

Born November 17, 1938, in Dothan, Alabama, he became the producer of the syndicated radio series, [Country Concert.]

In 1964 he wrote a song for the French singer, Francoise Hardy, titled "Pourtant tu m’aimes."

"I Want My Baby Back" was originally issued in 1964, on the Tollie Records label, and it reached #92 on [The Billboard Hot 100 Chart,] in February of 1965. The song is a parody of the popular teenage "death records" of that period, particularly the Shangri-Las hit, "Leader of the Pack."{1}

It has since become a cult classic as a result of frequent airplay on the [Dr. Demento Show.] Other hit "death records" include, "Dead Man's Curve" by Jan & Dean,{2} "Last Kiss" by J. Frank Wilson & the Cavaliers,{3} "Tell Laura I Love Her" by Ray Peterson,{4} "Patches" by Dicky Lee,{5} and "Teen Angel" by Mark Dinning.{6}

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Jimmy Cross Lyrics
(1 songs)

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