Lyrics to Please Pass the Biscuits
by Jimmy Dean

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[edit]Song titlePlease Pass the Biscuits
[edit]Artist nameJimmy Dean
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Just picture a lad, between Mom and Dad
Its Sunday the tables all set
There's uncles, there's aunts, and cousins galore
There's plenty of food to be et

The blessing is said, they reach for the bread
It's a feast a king could afford
There's clatter, there's chatter, but something's the matter
There's someone who's being ignored

Uh, would you please pass the biscuits?
Uh, would you pass the biscuits please?
Same thing ever Sunday since I can't remember when
Kinfolks all around the table and the biscuits at tuther end

I got a plate of chicken and taters, and a lot of stuff like that
All, all I need is a biscuit, but I wish
you'd look where they're at
I guess I could reach across the table,
But that's ill-mannered, Mom always said
I wish I had a biscuit, I just can't eat without bread

Uh, would you pass the biscuits
Uh, excuse me, would you please pass the biscuits
All I want is a biscuit, nobody seems to care
Find more similar lyrics on they wouldn't talk so dog-gone loud
They might be able to hear

Hot doggies, they're half-finished
eatin' and I ain't even begun
I wish you'd look at them biscuits
disappear, I'll be luck if I get a one
Same thing ever Sunday, always company to be fed
They're talkin' like they're wound up
Boy, I wish I had a piece of bread

HEY!!!! Would, would, would you please pass the biscuits
It looks like somebody would notice that I
ain't started eatin' yet
Sure be glad when they get their fill,
and go into the parlor and set
Then, by golly, I won't have to use my manners
I'll just get a biscuit myself

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle, there ain't a biscuit left
The only day of the week we get Sunday-fed
And they've et up all the biscuits
And, uh, I just can't eat without bread

There's something the matter, no bread on the platter
And he just can't eat without bread
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Lyrics to Please Pass the Biscuits
by Jimmy Dean

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