Lyrics to My Life
by Jimmy Somerville

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[edit]Song titleMy Life
[edit]Artist nameJimmy Somerville
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's so violent when you are silent
I'm so easily frightened
I can smell the changing, stinks of something rotting
Not so pretty now my dear

My life, more than it ever was
My life, I live it just because

No day is safe with you around
I'm scared but more scared of myself are you within, am I without
You keep changing all the rules and I always seem to lose
Nothing is certain anymore

My life, more than it ever was
My life, I love it just because
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My life, more than it ever was
My life, I live it just because

My life, more than it ever was
My life, I live it just because

My life, more than it ever was
My life, I love it just because

My life, more than it ever was
My life, I live it just because

My life, more than it ever was
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Lyrics to My Life
by Jimmy Somerville

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