Lyrics to East Virginia
by Joan Baez

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[edit]Song titleEast Virginia
[edit]Artist nameJoan Baez
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I was born in East Virginia,
North Caroline I did roam,
There I met a fair pretty maiden,
Her name and age I do not Know.

Her hair it was of a brightsome color,
And her lips of a ruby red,
On her breast she wore withe lilies,
There I longed to lay my head.

Well, in my heart you are my darlin',
At my door you're welcome in,
At my gate I'll meet you my darlin',
If your love I could only win.

Find more similar lyrics on'd rather be in some dark holler,
Where the sun refuse to shine,
Than to see you be another man's darlin',
And to know that you'll never be mine.

Well in the night I'm dreamin' about you,
In the day I find no rest,
Just the thought of you my darlin',
Sends aching pain all through my breast.

Well when I'm dead and in my coffin,
With my feet turned toward the sun,
Come and sit beside me darlin',
Come and think on the way you done.
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Lyrics to East Virginia
by Joan Baez

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