Lyrics to What you Gonna do
by Joan Osborne

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[edit]Song titleWhat you Gonna do
[edit]Artist nameJoan Osborne
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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What you gonna do
What you gonna do about me
What you gonna do
What you gonna do about me, oh

You used to bury me, way underground
I thought it had to be this way
But I've been watching, watching you
And I get smarter every day

Take the voices from your mouth
I got the key to this door
I've learned to work the new machines
And I’m not afraid anymore

I'm not saying
What you gonna do, hey there
What you gonna do about me, yeah
What you gonna do, oh
What you gonna do about me, oh

You've been stealing all the air
And you've been using all the sound
Find more similar lyrics on I made a deal with the ocean
I made a deal with the ground

I say, what you gonna do
Oh, what you gonna do about, about, about, hey
What you gonna do
What you gonna do about me, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I am riding on the bus
I am working at my job
I am calling out your name
I am standing at your door

I am counting up the money
I am carrying up my child
I am coming down your driveway
I am giving you a chance

And I say
What you gonna do, hey there
What you gonna do about me, yeah
What you gonna do, oh
And what you gonna do about me, oh
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Lyrics to What you Gonna do
by Joan Osborne

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