Lyrics to Love you Never had it so Good
by Jody Miller

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[edit]Song titleLove you Never had it so Good
[edit]Artist nameJody Miller
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I found you the first time that I saw him and
first time he saw me he found you too
And ever since that time you've been here with us
And we've always tried to take good care of you
Every time I look at him I see you every time
he holds me close I feel you near
And cause you know we couldn't live without you
Though you never speak a word we know you're here
Love you never had it so good love you never had it so good
Love you know you feel so fine
Find more similar lyrics on're like a free red rose in springtime and
you warm me like southern sunshine
And love you never had it so good
You're with us when we're all alone together you're
with us even when we're far apart
There'll never be a time when you're not needed
You're safe at hime inside our loving hearts
Love you never had it so good...
Love you never had it so good
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Lyrics to Love you Never had it so Good
by Jody Miller

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