Lyrics to Magic
by Joe

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[edit]Song titleMagic
[edit]Artist nameJoe
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1:
It was a beautiful day
A day for so much fun
Had my white T on
Had on my new Air Ones
I was gonna...
Pull out the coupe and drop the top
I was gonna...
Ride around and hug the block
Then she called and said "I'm on my way"
"I gotta few hours, I might as well stay"
Now I'm gonna...
Lay back while she drop the top
Now I'm gonna...
Record this shh, rewind and watch
Oooh, now after two hours of footage
Oooh, her body could continue to do it
Oooh, she looks at me and said
"Please don't go no where" (No where)
"Give me a second to breathe"

(It must be magic) It must be magic
She likes the way I give her the magic
She likes her sugar daddy (sugar daddy)
She wants me to keep givin' her the magic
She loves it cuz I can do it all

Verse 2:
The magic stick
Why she show up at my door like this
She got me really likin that shit
Yall already kno what this is
Girl it's magically
Find more similar lyrics on body's screamin tear it up
And them nots luk like butter cups
Now it time that I lay you down
Take you to third round
you've ben waitin all day
You just missin me
don't worry girl I'm ain't goin anewhere
I'm right where I wanta be

(It must be magic) It must be magic
She likes the way I give her
the magic (it's magical)
She likes her sugar daddy (sugar daddy)
She wants me to keep givin'..

Verse 3:
The magic stick
I'll have you callin my name
Backin it up and grippin the bed frame
can't wait to get inside ya
Ohh I'm getin so excited
I don't think yall know my name
I can make sex levitate
Like David Blane
I'll have ya ass goin insane
Do sum shit you ain't did with ya man

(It must be magic) It must be magic
She likes the way I give her
the magic (it's magical)
She likes her sugar daddy (sugar daddy)
She wants me to keep givin'..

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Lyrics to Magic
by Joe

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