Lyrics to Strange Times in Casablanca
by John Cale

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[edit]Song titleStrange Times in Casablanca
[edit]Artist nameJohn Cale
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Strange times in Casablanca when people pull down their shades
And its easy enough for us to look at
each other and wonder why
We were to blame
Blame comes remorselessly transfixed
Like the sound of slamming doors
And doors have doors have doors have doors have doors
Like companions have pets they sleep
in each other's mattresses
Like maggots in despair
And bleed in each other's nests and make a
mess of each other's snares
Strange times in Casablanca
Strange times
They make some striking couples
They make some frustration of the call
And only those who are satisfied by friendship would even pay
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It comes like mail or telegrams
It comes expectant as a widow in heat as
a widow in the searing heat
And that contentment of depression that
delivers most of the time
But cannot help the styling of the
horns in the shape of gargoyle
Broken prints savage fingers
Undertaken catamaran
Strange times in Casablanca
We've turned our back on it once before
And we can hear from across the waters
what damage it will cause us
And you can smash once more
And they can smash once more
But I don't think anybody wants to smash anymore
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Lyrics to Strange Times in Casablanca
by John Cale

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