Lyrics to Eternally
by John Farnham

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[edit]Song titleEternally
[edit]Artist nameJohn Farnham
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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If I could ask you things unspoken
Give to you all my honesty
If I could show you any token
Of the love welling up in me
I'd let you see what you mean to me

If you could hear me, I'd sing love songs
As you drift gently into sleep
If you could see me, I'd blow you kisses
Let them cross the ocean blue and deep

I wish you could see, what you mean to me

When I had the chance
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All those precious tender moments
Well, I let them slip away

If I could touch you for a lifetime
You would know that I would love you true
Eternally, eternally, eternally

If I had one wish that could be answered
I'd undo all that I have done
I know, I took it all for granted
Thought I'd have you for all my days to come

Here with me eternally, eternally
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Lyrics to Eternally
by John Farnham

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