Lyrics to I Know (I Know)
by John Lennon

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[edit]Song titleI Know (I Know)
[edit]Artist nameJohn Lennon
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The years have passed so quickly
One thing I've understood
I am only learning
To tell the trees from the wood

I know what's coming down
And I know where it's coming from
And I know and I'm sorry, yes I am
But I never could speak my mind

And I know just how you feel
And I know now what I have done
And I know and I'm guilty, yes I am
But I never could read your mind

I know what I was missing
But now my eyes can see
I put myself in your place
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Today I love you more than yesterday
Right now I love you more right now

And I know what's coming down
I can feel where it's coming from
And I know it's getting better all the time
As we share in each other's minds

Today I love you more than yesterday
Right now I love you more right now

Ooh, no more crying
Ooh, no more crying
Ooh, no more crying
Ooh, no more crying
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Lyrics to I Know (I Know)
by John Lennon

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