Lyrics to Selfish Rubbish
by John Lydon

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[edit]Song titleSelfish Rubbish
[edit]Artist nameJohn Lydon
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Everything in life should be free.
Except the bits that belong to me.
Sick to death of paying out money.
What the hell has this place
done for me? Nothing!

Give, give, give me everything.
Give. (x7)
I want everything. Give me everything.
I want the lot.

There's not much left of this country.
Sell it off as a freehold property.
And move into a new vicinity.
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If I ruled the world,
there'd be no one in it.
This place has come apart at the seam.
The bulldog's had his day and so have we.
We need to see some scenic scenery.
No more of this boring misery.


If I ruled the world,
there'd be no one in it.
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Lyrics to Selfish Rubbish
by John Lydon

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