Lyrics to Young Genocides
by John Mellencamp

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[edit]Song titleYoung Genocides
[edit]Artist nameJohn Mellencamp
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Destiny shares the eyes of the young genocides
Suicides that are still alive
Their success has been so well disguised, yeah

And on their face is the razor's blank stare
As if to know their destiny is going nowhere
But nowhere is not so hard to bare
Where their parents can decide

Hand in hand they walk together
With their broken pride
Find more similar lyrics on and fathers, sisters and brothers
And the whole world incomprehensible

Desperately searching and dangerously nurturing
I deserve incomprehensible
Not much worse than they are, of the young genocides

Facing the world with your back to the wall
It's hard to feel important at all
The grand illusion that'll never come
It's disguised itself as tomorrow
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Lyrics to Young Genocides
by John Mellencamp

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