Lyrics to Me Against me
by John Wesley Harding

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[edit]Song titleMe Against me
[edit]Artist nameJohn Wesley Harding
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Tonight the clocks go backwards
And it's snowing at home
And we're incommunicado
'Cos they cut off the phone
We're in collaboration
Againt everyone who tries to bring us down
And we're sadly incoherent
All our sorrows have been drowned

Got the plane out of Atlanta
Stripped the honour bar of booze
Saw the ceiling melt like candles
Dripping wax onto my shoes
Needed proof I was still breathing
So I held my breath for a while
Fell flat on my face on purpose
Just to see somebody smile

And they say that it's them and it's us
And they say that it's you and it's me
But now I can see that it's me against me
Against me against me against me

I keep your picture in a locket
Heart-shape hanging around my neck
Find more similar lyrics on put it on me last year sometime
Now the catch is just a wreck
My new friends say that you look like me
Of course, they're right
But you're who I used to be
Sometimes late at night

All the things we've done,
think we should own up
How come we're old but we're not grown up?

I wish I didn't drink so much
Wish I didn't drink at all
Wish I didn't need these smokes
Wish I didn't take those pills
I wish for just one time
My behaviour matched up to my needs
Wish you were alive now
So you could help me

And they say that it's them and it's us
And they'll tell you it's you and it's me
But now I can see that it's me against me
Against me against me against me
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Lyrics to Me Against me
by John Wesley Harding

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