Lyrics to Baby It's You (Remix)
by Jojo & Infa 1

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[edit]Song titleBaby It's You (Remix)
[edit]Artist nameJojo
[edit]FeaturingInfa 1
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Jojo: Ahhhhh......
Infa 1: "Laughs" I1, Remix

Verse: I1
Against all odds
baby its been all yours
Ever sense from the start
and here we are
Baby we ain't just stars
cause we shine so brite
And if it's so hard
then why we aight
And we spend all night
just thinking about
How da lyfe we live
something u been dreaming about
And speeking the same something
u been feening about
and u have no doubts
of what Maurice is about. C'mon!

Verse: Jojo
Can somebody explain to me
Why everbody is tryin' to be
Livin' like a celebrity,
Doin' what they see on MTV?
Ice is cool but I'm looking for more
Simple things is what my heart beats for
(Cuz that's me) I don't ask for much
(Baby) Having you is enough

You ain't got to buy nothin'
(it's not what I want)
Baby it's you
We don't have to go nowhere
(it's not what I want)
Baby it's you
it's not 'bout what you got
I know you got alot
No matter what you do,
You always get it hot,
Its you (its you)
Baby all I want is you

Verse: Jojo
It don't matter that your car is fly
And your rims are spinnin' on the side
It don't matter where we go tonight
Find more similar lyrics on if I'm with you I'll be all right
that's cool, but I'm lookin for more
it's your love that my heart beats for
(Cuz that's me) don't
have to spend a dime
(Baby) I just want your time


Infa 1 Talks
Yeah, Yo, Jojo!
"I" got u on this one! Here it go!!

Verse: I1
I know, u been tripping a lot
but "I" got it on lock
Ya boi is back 4 u
and "I" got u
"I" knoe,
"I" knoe
Its like saying the pledge 4 u
and "I" pledge to u
"I" will stay true
and "I" will
never do what the other
kids a do
And Ms. Jones
these other chicks is kids to u
So dey ain't it, it to u,
now u know, Maurice is fit 4 u


U ain't got to buy nothin'
(it's not what I want)
Baby it's u (I know, I know)
We don't have to go nowhere
(it's not what I want)
Baby it's u (and I'mma keep it that way)
it's not 'bout what u got (uh, huh)
I know you got a lot (uh, huh)
No matter what u do,
You always get it hot, (I know, I know)
Its u (it's u)
Baby all I want is u
(and I'mma keep it that way)

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Lyrics to Baby It's You (Remix)
by Jojo & Infa 1

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