Lyrics to Breakin' me
by Jonny Lang

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[edit]Song titleBreakin' me
[edit]Artist nameJonny Lang
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Every day I see your face I wish that I'd stayed
Don't even know what made me run away
It's just the way I play the game

Emotional is not a word I'd use to explain myself
But now you got me down upon my knees
Baby please just take me back

I don't want to be in love but you're makin' me
Let me up I've had enough
Girl you're breakin' me

Now here I am half a man standing alone
Feeling like I lost my only chance
At happiness when I let you go

I don't want to be alone thinkin' 'bout you girl
I got nothin' left to hold
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The first time my heart was ever touched
Was the day I lost your love
I can feel it in my flesh, my flesh and blood
But my soul can only take so much

So there it is
Why can't you give it one more try?
You and I could find a way to live
If you let me in just one more time

I know you lost your faith in me but I still believe
Can I make you understand? Can I make you see?
I am desperate for your love and it's breakin' me
It's breakin' me
It's breakin' me
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Lyrics to Breakin' me
by Jonny Lang

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