Lyrics to Tattoo
by Joseph Arthur

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[edit]Song titleTattoo
[edit]Artist nameJoseph Arthur
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I miss the days when you
were in my world
It seems like it was a lifetime ago
We said our goodbye with tears
And promised to not let
the years get away
But that's something you
just have to say

In my pain
Is where I've tattooed your name
Was it a dream
Was it a dream

Going round and round and round
and round your heart

Jeremy said he saw you
out on second Ave
And you looked like you
could use some sleep
You told him you sobered up
But now you are giving that up
'Cause sometimes
Love isn't stronger than wine
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In my pain
Is where i've tattooed your name
Was it a dream
Was it a dream

Going round and round and
round and round my heart

I wonder
What you must think about me
What I heard
Is you consider me dead
I guess that's fair of you
I never was good to you
I'm ashamed
For making you feel all my pain

When i sleep
Sometimes i still think we speak
Is it a dream
Is it a dream

Going round and round and
round and round my heart
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Lyrics to Tattoo
by Joseph Arthur

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