Lyrics to Sparrows over Birmingham
by Josh Rouse

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[edit]Song titleSparrows over Birmingham
[edit]Artist nameJosh Rouse
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Fell down on both knees, you were young
Bones still soft, legs fell numb
Oh, how those sparrows sang for you

So you grew up, an isolated pup
You had some books, you had some love
Oh, God was watching over you
Oh, how those sparrows sang for you

You witnessed a man a holy man
Touched your head with his gentle hands
Oh, God was watching over you

Lived in a house in Birmingham
A preacher's son, the Lord's plan
Oh, God was watching over you
Oh, how those sparrows sang for two

Find more similar lyrics on you arrived, he carried you there
Near the preacher's son, your only love
Oh, God was watching over you

Wedding bells rang
(Wedding bells ring)
Church choir sang
(Church choir sing)

A gospel song
(Whoa-oh oh whoa)
A beautiful one
(A beautiful one)

Oh, such a melancholy tune
(It's a sad tune mmm-mmm)
Oh, how it reminds me of you
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Lyrics to Sparrows over Birmingham
by Josh Rouse

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