Lyrics to Tik Tok
by Josip On Deck

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[edit]Song titleTik Tok
[edit]Artist nameJosip On Deck
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Wake up in the morning feelin` like Obama.
All the girls dig my swag - they say I'm hot like a sauna.
I keep that boom in my trunk my volume turnt to the max.
And once I leave my hotel suite - I ain't coming back.
I got that Ralph Lauren cologne (lone)
All I smoke is strong (strong)
Hoes blowin` up my phone (phone)
And yea my pockets extra cheesy (cheesy)
I make this shit look easy (easy)
Puerto Rican breezies (ooo..papi)
Pull up in a hottie - lose my top like Buffie Body
Got karate kicks behind me - with a dymepiece you can find me.
Check the timepiece - it is blinding.
Rims big - Tires tiny.
I pull up in dat hottie with a hottie right beside me.
Black card maxed out - Bentley bout to smash out.
Stupid swag maxed out - watch I bring them bands out.
All my shows maxed out - make these hoes pass out
Posted at Atlantic Station - and I'm bout to max out.
Pockets fulla hunduns - So I'm bout to max out
Gucci, Louie, Prada, scuze me - watch I bring them bands out
Cardiyae shades got looking like a boss.
And I push my chevy to the limit - call me Rick Ross.
Rocking Supra Vaiders bitch I feel like a celebrity.
You try to copy Josip - but you niggas do it terribly.
Money is my mindset - If it's clean I'm buying that.
King of the city and the jungle where the lions at.
Find more similar lyrics on on marching band - loud as a sonic boom.
Blowing chronic - VROOM
In the Mclauren early afternoon.
What the fuck you mean Josip ain't getting gwap
Lose my top like a model - higher than an astronaut.
From the kush that I smoke - bitch I flow like the coast.
Atlantic Ocean verses curse the beat - and there's no antidote.
Got 500 pretty hoes calling simultaneously.
You gon need more than a hater if trynna anger me
Bitch I bring the pain to beats - cinderblock hard flow.
Bitch I stay on deck - You can't pull my card hoe
010 Gallargo - Speeding down the highway.
Fuck yo bitch diagonally so now her pussy sideways
I'm on a 23 hour - and 59 minute.
Constant grind all the time - so I know you feel me.
I know you feel me like a Martin Luther presentation.
If you fly then I'm on - infinite elevation.
Real talk..I would let em hate till they kill me.
They say I won't hit the highest peak..but we'll see.
You better close ya eyes and parallel ya prayers palms
And pray to god I don't blow like an atom bomb.
For real - because I'm putting in my all
So yall can get mad when I drop like a phone call.
I climbed up from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower.
And I'mma keep climbing even at my darkest hours.
And if a hanus ignoramus wanna hate the kid.
I let me hate because they sleepin on me like a bed.
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Lyrics to Tik Tok
by Josip On Deck

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