Lyrics to All the way
by Journey

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[edit]Song titleAll the way
[edit]Artist nameJourney
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I kiss you and I feel you pull away
It hurts me when I see you hesitate
Mistakes I've made I wish I
could take them back...
Say it's not too late to hear you...


Speak your heart and I will listen
Don't hold back we'll find what's missin'
I'll take you all the way
Close your eyes and think forever
If you believe we go together
I'll take you all the way

Sifting through the memories we have known
Looking back at places we have gone
Let's not leave behind what so few have found
Love ain't always easy so...
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I'll take you all... the way
I'll take you all... the way

From the miles that come between us
To have faith in love and where it leads us
I'll take you all the way

I'll take you all the way

I'll take you all the way

From the miles that come between us
To the faith in love and where it leads us

I'll take you all the way
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Lyrics to All the way
by Journey

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