Lyrics to I Would Find you
by Journey

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[edit]Song titleI Would Find you
[edit]Artist nameJourney
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Many days have faded away
And the time has passed
Those were memories
That have been by so fast

I can't see you
I can't hear you
But I feel you

I would find you, well I would find you
Well, I would find you, I would find you
I would find you, I would find you, I would find you

Now that we know that we've been there
And the time is running out
That message was from
The Lord, without a doubt
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I can't see you
I can't hear you
But I feel you

Could it be that I feel so all alone?
It's you that's driving me mad
Oh you won't leave me alone

You have touched my soul
Certainly you have touched my soul
Now hear me

Could it be that you feel so all alone?
If it's me that's driving you mad
Oh, I would leave you alone
Oh yes, I would
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Lyrics to I Would Find you
by Journey

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