Lyrics to Between you and me
by Joy Enriquez

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[edit]Song titleBetween you and me
[edit]Artist nameJoy Enriquez
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Verse 1 :
Why can't you tell the truth
Why is it hard to choose
Why I am loving you
When you don't know if you're true
Why did I give my trust
Why did you promise so much
Why did I hesitate to leave
When you ain't no good for me

B - section :
I can't - go on this way
With hoped you - would feel the same
Cause I can't do - what
I really want to
That's why I'm leaving you know baby

Hook :
How could you really
think - that I would sit
and wait
For you to try to make - a
decision about us
Find more similar lyrics on it was up to me - we'd
both live faithfully
But there's no security
between you and me

Verse 2 :
Don't know if you love me
Don't know if I should be
Don't know what is to be
But I gotta know or let go
Don't know what's in your pain
I don't know just where we stand
I just don't know if I can
Be a part of questioned plans

Repeat B -section

Bridge :
what makes you think
I'll sit and wait
While you go and play your games
I won't be this way
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Lyrics to Between you and me
by Joy Enriquez

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