Lyrics to First Your Money (Then Your Clothes)
by Jude Cole

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[edit]Song titleFirst Your Money (Then Your Clothes)
[edit]Artist nameJude Cole
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I left home on a southbound train
One September in the pouring rain
A midnight flyer and a girl named Lori Rose

Mama said, "Son, it won't last
She'll be gone when you're out of cash"
Hey Mama, "I need a ride back home"

All your life, you run to love
You give your heart then it's not enough
But hey, baby, that's the way it goes, pull over

So Romeo in a GTO
Met Juliette at the drive-in show
Midnight dreaming down the Texas coast

We stopped to wish upon a star
She stole my breath, she stole my car
But hey, baby, it's just the way it goes

Every time that your heart breaks
You swear you won't make the same mistakes
But hey, baby, that's the way it goes
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First your money, then your clothes
Then you clothes

Oh, no, love ain't cheap
There's a toll booth up on lover's leap
Sweet romance, take a chance
Come and dance with me

I'm riding out on a southbound train
Just a Romeo in the pouring rain
But hey, baby, that's the way it goes

First your money, then your clothes

Slow down, slow down now
Oh, yeah, hey , slow down, slow down
Slow down, just low down

When you roll out 'cause I'm low down now
Oh, yeah, said, "Hey, slow down when you roll down
'Cause I'm low down now"
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Lyrics to First Your Money (Then Your Clothes)
by Jude Cole

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