Lyrics to Sit ups
by Jude

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[edit]Song titleSit ups
[edit]Artist nameJude
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Do I have to do sit-ups, if I
want to be a rock star?
Do I have to make millions, if I want to be free?

Should I come with a cliché?
Should I hide in a big car?
You say the money doesn't matter.
Well, let's check and see.

Cause you look sexy.
You look fine.
How I wish that you were mine.

You look sexy.
You look hot.
Is that really all you got?

In the end, you pretend, you're my
friend but you're not.

Tell me that I'm going to be
the king of the world.
I know it's never going to happen
but if you could be mine.
I will wake in the morning and I'll
look at your beautiful face.
I know it's going to be a wonderful day.

Did you want to be a hooker?
Or did you want to be a model?
Well, did you want to be famous?
Did you want to be free?
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I can see that you're a looker, but
keep your love in a bottle.
And your skimpy clothes will go a
long, long way with me.

You look sexy.
You look fine.
How I wish that you were mine.

You look sexy.
You look hot.
Is that really all you got?

In the end, you pretend, cause
I don't want to stop.


Through the smog the sky is blue and
angels all were sinners too.
And baby I'll be good to you.
If you tell me what you want I'm
going to do that to you.


It's going to be a wonderful day.
Look at your beautiful face.

Everyday I make it with my baby.
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Lyrics to Sit ups
by Jude

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